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Mr. Wang Rong-yu, the Founder and Artistic Director of Golden Bough Theatre, was raised in a family that traveled around to perform Taiwanese Operas on 1960.

After receiving training at Lan-lin Theater in 1998, he was the main member of U Theatre between 1988 and 1992 taking on major roles for many plays. From 1991, he also was the training manager in U Theatre.

During the years, he received Grotowski’s body and mind training, Taichi-Dowing, and Taiwanese folk arts studies. At the same time, he starts to study meditation by himself till present.

In 1993, Mr. Wang founded Golden Bough Theatre. His works are full of unique charm of locality which gain inspiration from Taiwanese folk culture. Its aesthetics is distinct from the modern theatre groups influenced by Western theatre.

From 1994, he was invited by Cloud Gate Theatre of Taiwan to be the leading performer in “Songs of the Wanderers” till present.

In 1998, Mr. Wang Rong-Yu was awarded a protegeous Asian Cultural Council (ACC, a Rochefeller family affiliated foundation) grant on account of his distinguished achievements in performance and directing.

In 2006, he was invited by Theatre Director's Association of Korea to direct his work “Butterflies” in Seoul.

In 2009, he was invited by Taipei County Goverment to be the Artistic Director of “The Legend of Sino-French War in Tamsui” , an environmental theatre performed by art groups and 183 townspeople with more 300 backstage volunteers as part of the 2009 Tamsui Arts & Culture Festival. This play was selected one of the top 10 art events of the year.

To date, Mr. Wang has more than 16 creations, the important works include: “Sayonara 1945”, “Happiness Part 3”, “My Ancestors’ Stories”, “Happiness Part 1 & 2”, “Troy, Troy…Taiwan”, “She is So Lovely…”, “Butterflies”, “Taiwan Opera-The Female Robinhood: Pai Hsiao Lan”, etc.



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