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Golden Bough Theatre is pregnant with strong creativity and that is exactly the performing troupe we so need in Taiwan.
---- Lin Hwai-min, Founder and Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Director Wang integrates different sensibilities lying in the traditional and modern arts and, therefore, makes Golden Bough able to present the diversity and originality of contemporary Taiwanese theatre.
---- Chung Mingder, Dean of College of Theatre, Taipei National University of Arts
In the hilarious atmosphere, Taiwan Opera: The Female Robin Hood-Pai Hsiao Lan contours a picture of people's theatre and also a discernable coming of another theatre movement. The content and the intent of this work prove Golden Bough unrivaled in comparison with many of its contemporary.
---- Lin Ho-yi, Chair of Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University
To attract audience, Golden Bough Theatre expresses Taiwanese popular culture with flashy and out-coming emotion that makes art a part of life. ---- New Taiwan Weekly

Butterflies is the most powerful, gorgeous and unusual tragedy in recent years.
--- Ming Pao Weekly, HongKong

Performers are energetic and sensible. Performance is exaggerative, eccentric and finally farcically pleasant. Such exaggerative theatricality paves the way for the pursuit of another perceivable level of reality. The kitsch-like style appropriated from the popular culture is merely a subterfuge and finally reveals its designed novelty.
---- Lin Ke-huan, the former Dean of China Youth Arts College, theatre critic
Golden Bough Theatre gives people an impression like an approachable yet formidable chevalier as if the rebirth of legendary Shui-hu heros in modern time Taiwan. ---Performing Arts Review
Golden Bough Theatre always amazes. ---- Ji Hui-ling, reputed press
“In Remembrance of Troy” performed on Gihou ancient cannon platform attracted people to step onto the wriggled trail leading to the historical site by the ocean. With the lighthouse beam traveling through gently and the full moon rising to the eastern sky, the moment has come to show the splendid Warfield space at the height of death, faintly indicating the dying-for-art sorrow, indulgence, along with the secretive pleasant sensation.
---- Gong Zhuo Jun, assistant Professor in the Institute of Philosophy of NSYSU


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