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The Golden Bough is the title an anthropology masterpiece. With golden boughs, priests and prophets bribed the gatekeeper and sneaked into the Underworld for adventures. With the name stemmed from the mythology, Director Wang Rong-yu sets out to lead audiences into adventures.

Founded in 1993, Golden Bough Theatre upholds the concept of “The most touching is the culture springing from native land”. The troupe’s works connect theatre arts with land and culture. With unique Taiwanese drama aesthetics that is only seen in Taiwan, the modern troupe embodies the aesthetics of contemporary Taiwanese culture.

In addition to created Taiwan’s original musicals, Golden Bough was also acclaimed by Lin Hwai-min, founder and Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, as “Creating the era for musicals in Taiwanese!” With a unique artistic conception of space aesthetics, the troupe launched the classic “Environmental Epic Theatre” series in Taiwan, which gained significant recognition from at home and abroad.

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