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Sayonara 1945

First performed on Sept. 2010,
at the National Theatre, Taipei

Artistic Director/ Director : Wang, Rong Yu
Music Director : Chen, Ming Chang
Script Writer : Shih, Ju Fang
Choreographer : Wu, I-Fang
Calligraphy / Graphic Designer : Xiao, Qing Yang
Play Script: Wang, Rong Yu and Yu, Hui Fen
Vice Director : Shih, Tung Ling

Stage Designer : Tseng, Su Ming
Light Designer : Lee, Lulu W.L.
Custome Designer : Lai, Xuan Wu
Sound Effect Designer : Yu, Huan Fu
Visual Designer : Yu, Jaco
Make-up Design : Hong, Hsiang Han
Sammy Huang  Hair Stylist : Huang, Sammy
Photography : Chen, Shao-Wei and Eyeshot

“Sayonara 1945” takes us back to the Taiwan of 1945 in a revolutionary way through the combination of black comedy and fantasy theatrical performance interwoven with popular songs and old style Nagashi. A unique opera opens the Pandora’s box, bringing tears and laughter in a joyful fantasy.

Set in August late summer of 1945, somewhere in the mountains of Northern Taiwan, the surrender announcement of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito can be heard over the radio. Major-Commander Takabashi Tasuke, who can’t accept the surrender, persuades Captain Kobayashi Fukutoku (Fude), a Taiwanese Private Captain, to keep the news from the Taiwanese platoon and cut off all outside communication. Together they led the platoon in to the mountains on the fallacy that a fictional gold mine there will lead them to victory once discovered. Just as the platoon was growing impatient tunneling away, Kobayashi encounters a traveling drama troupe led by Haruko and Shangmi.  The drama players similarly fell for the false promise of riches in the mines and agreed to provide entertainment for the soldiers to boost their morale. How long can the lies go on? Who would want to burst the bubble of such a fabulous dream and fall back into reality?



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